OR FAB 2005-2016 Toyota Tacoma Skid Plate And Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Cover

2005-2016 Toyota Tacoma Skid Plate And Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Cover
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2005-2016 Toyota Tacoma Skid Plate And Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Cover

This a reproduction of the original Or Fab skid plates. We are expecting new stock to be available shortly. We do not have a price yet. 

OR-Fabs one-piece, formed, skid plate,can deter theft and save Toyota owners the enormous cost of replacing a set of OEM converters. The skid plate installs in twenty minutes, includes heavy-duty hardware, and is finished in a durable black powder coat. The skid plate can be removed for exhaust service and also protects the drivetrain and exhaust from any hazards while driving off-road.

Bolt up - No welding, drilling or cutting required. 

Manufactured in 14-gauge steel skid plate that can deter catalytic converter theft on all 2005-2016 Toyota Tacoma, 2006-2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser, 2009-2016 Toyota 4runner, 6 Lug Models Only, SUVs. Catalytic converters contain platinum and other precious metals that are an easy target for thieves looking to take them for the scrap value. Both the Toyota Tacoma, FJ and 4Runner vehicles are targeted due to their large sized converers and becuse they are easy to access.

This a reproduction of the original Or Fab skid plates. Or Fab is out of business this is a reproduction of the original.

These skid plates are very heavy and akward to ship. Shipping costs have been revised on this part, but if it cannot be shipped outside of the 48 states due to weight and box size.

Weight 43lbs
Dimensions - 27.5 L x 35 W x 3 H

Lately, the theft rate has been rising in direct proportion to the priceof platinum and palladium, both of which are precious metals more valuable than gold. The consequences for the unfortunate vehicle owner who has had his or her catalytic converter(s) stolen far outweigh the scrap value of the cat that was vandalized. A replacement converter can easily run several hundred dollars for an aftermarket unit and from $800to $2000 or more for some OEM converters.

Installing a Theft Deterrent Shield under a vehicle is a step that can deter converter thieves. Our formed steel plate attaches to the underside of the vehicleto protect the drive train and exhaust system from the hazards of off-road driving. It also creates an effective barrier that prevents access to the converter. But it can be unbolted (unless you weld one or two of the bolt heads to the plate) for regular services to be performed.

  • Constructed from Heavy Duty 14 Gage Steel Plate
  • Durable Powder Coating to Prevent Corrosion
  • Includes High Grade Replacement Hardware
  • Easily Installs within 20 Minutes
  • Protects & Prevents Catalytic Converter Damage or Theft
    Ships in 24hrs
    OR FAB 87045
    Location: bottom
    Color/Finish: black
    Size: 27.5
    Quantity: single

    Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:

    Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part being installed unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)

    What this means is that your vehicle manfacturer can not void your warranty by using OR FAB 87045 unless they can absolutely prove that it caused damage.

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