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  2003 Chevrolet S10 Xtreme
2003 S10 Extreme

2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme

Looking for parts and accessories for your Chevrolet S-10 Pickup, be sure to browse parts that we have available now. We've recently added black replacement emblems and they are in stock! Need some new ideas? Check out some of the performance parts, exhaust systems and restyling thinks we've done to our Chevy Xtreme truck!

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S10 Xtreme Original Specifications from Factory:
Original Retail Price (MSRP): $23,422 with Xtreme option and options
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
Bore & stroke 3.5 x 3.46 / 89 x 88 4 x 3.48 / 101.6 x 88.39
Engine:   4.3L 262 cu in/ 4293 liters cast iron pushrod,OHV, two valves per cylinder
Transmisson:   4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Hydra-Matic 4L60-E
Front suspension:   ZQ8 suspension - independent with upper and lower control arms; coil spring 2WD, 46mm de Carbon front shock absorbers, 33mm front stabilizer bar,
Rear suspension:   ZQ8 suspension - solid axle, two-stage, variable-rate, multileaf rear springs, 36mm de Carbon rear shock absorbers, 23mm rear stabilizer bar,
Wheelbase: Extended Cab   122.9 in
Length: Extended Cab   203.3 in
Width: Extended Cab   67.9 in
Height: Extended Cab   62.2 in
Curb weight:   3,716 lbs to 4,199 lbs | 1,905 kg
OE Wheels/Tires:   Tire P235/55TR16 revs 797 per mile, Wheel 16X8.0, Pattern, 5-120.65/5x4.75, Bore 70.1, +6 Offset, Nut 12mmx1.5
HP (BHP/RPM)   180.00 BHP @ 4400.00 RPM
Torque ( Lbs-Ft/RPM)   245.00 Ft-lbs @ 2800.00 RPM
HP to Weight Ratio   16.3
Payload/Towing Capacity   1,183 lbs. to 2,000 lbs with ZQ8 Suspension (5,600 lbs with standard V6 extended cab 2WD setup 3.42 axle)
Replacement Bulbs   Headlights 9006 Low Beam, 9005 High Beam
Fuel Capacity, gals   19.0
Estimated fuel economy   mpg city 16 / hwy 22 / combined 18
Current Fuel MPG with Mods   16 to 17 city/highway and 21.5 highway
0-60 (sec.)   10.30
1/4 mile (sec-mph):   17.38 @ 79.02
Braking (mph/ft)   60-0 mph: 166
Top Spd (mph)    
Technical Features of the ZQ8   Two-inch lower ride height

03/25/05: On luck of the Irish we found our new shop truck at Vandergriff Toyota. It had 39,178 miles on it. The problems that we found with it were: wrong size tires, passenger side skirt loose, exhaust tip missing, wear mark in drivers carpet, wrong battery, and minor oil pan leak at front. Shocks are a little worn, but can wait. We worked out a deal and drove it home that night.

Custom Chevy S-10

Part list options: INJIS7020P, KNN5730172, AEM218005C, ARD200108, VOL25643, VOL15643, SPE14300, ARD200580, SPC2575, HYP30019, WES100010, WDE141, WDE11171, WDE1171, BEDBRB94SBK, TFXCSU946FX, APC403027CL, IMPCWCCE17, SS95070202, NIF400202, ALS6095PL, ALS6095CL, TRX20277, JBA18404, KSRGHG-201, SCO21008, BEL5420, BEL5520, NUISS105A, KSRGHG201, RXX701650, BEL2100, BEL3914, GRF9222, KYB344040, JET90105 and EXT7560.

03/27/05: The discussion on what to fix first has begun. After hashing out different ideas it's come down to replacing the stock muffler and tires on our Chevy S-10 pickup. We are going to have it replaced with a 2.5 inlet and dual 2 inch outlet muffler. Both exits will sweep to the passenger side and have side by side tips. Possible mufflers to use: FLO9425502, FLO525552, BOR40348, and MAG14218.

03/27/05: Tires on the Chevy S-10 pickup were the wrong size at 225/50/16's (835 revs per mile). The guy before us must have been cheap. The S-10 truck should have had 235/55/16's on it. Smaller diameter than stock and the result is more mileage on the vehicle. Assuming that they have been on the truck for 20k miles, then an extra 952 miles are on the odometer. Plus your speedo reads fast. Bigger tires than stock and the speedo reads slow and cops will love you doing the speed limit, as you will actually be speeding. If you change the diameter of your tires then we recommend that you use a programmer by Hypertech or Superchips to adjust the size of tire. Keeps you out of trouble with Johnny Law and less stress on the drivetrain.

We figured it might be fun to get a little more traction and are going to use Falken Ziex ZE-512 255/50/16's, which puts the tire at 26.04 inches in diameter 799 revs per mile.

04/01/05: Problem is getting the Falken tires. We are still waiting for some to become available. We'll just go ahead and use some BF Goodrich Traction T/A's in P235/55R16 for now.

Chevy S-10 truck parts

04/02/05: We took a leftover Flowmaster and welded it up today. We cut out the stock exhaust about 6 inches forward and put the new muffer in it's place. The original hanger location is near center of the new muffler. No tips added yet. We are thinking of dumping them out to the side just in front of the passenger rear tire. Here are other muffler options you can use on your Chevy S-10: FLO9425502, FLO8425502, FLO9425402, FLO8425402, MAG14218, FLO942540, FLO942550, MAG14316, MAG14576, and MAG14616

We did a dyno run before and after. Starting with a stock HP of 147.4 and Torque 202.4. The gain of the muffler was 10.4 HP (new HP 157.8). We weren't able to get a torque read on 2nd run, as the dyno was acting up. If we do the math the gain was 1.07% over stock on the HP, so the new torque should be around 216.6?

04/05/05: Since no carpet mats were included we used a set of Nifty Catch All front mats in our S-10 pickup. There is carpet wear on heel point to the gas pedal and we didn't want it to get worse. Easy installation.

Chevy S-10 pickup truck

Chevy S-10 pickup truck

04/09/05: The brakes have been soft due to a loose line just under the master cylinder. Tightened that up. Brakes still need the lines bled to get rid of air bubbles, but the brakes are better now. We also fixed the headlight on the passengers side. It had been pointing up quite a bit, due to it being out of it's bracket holes on the bottom. Battery tray was loose, so it was fixed at the same time. We added a Varad LED bulb to the dome light part # VARAL211LPRE.

We also added a Airaid throttlebody spacer. Part # ARD200580, which was a fairly easy install. Just don't put the short stud replacement in the front like we did. Had to pull everything back apart to get it out. It goes in the back position. The replacement studs are finger tightened then the nuts added. When you tighten down the nuts the studs will do the same.

Chevy S-10 pickup truck throttlebody spacer

05/06/05: The brakes have still been soft. Turns out it was the proportioning valve that was bad. Once that was replace the brakes work great. We've also been checking the gas mileage and on average it gets 16 mpg to 17 mpg.

05/18/05: The new plates are in. It's an X-Wing now.

08/17/05: We were playing with the Spectre SPT8810 custom air intake kit today. We came up with the following parts that should be used to do an air intake for our Chevy S-10 4.3L: SPT9132, SPT8705, SPT8738, SPT8668, SPT8728, SPT8772 (3), SPT8718, SPT8701.

08/19/05: We got the parts in and put it together tonight. We used part #'s: SPT9132 (P3 Cone Filter), SPT8668 (60 elbow), SPT8728 (22 elbow), SPT8701 (Universal Bracket Kit), SPT8738 (45 Elbow), SPT8718 (6" Straight), and SPT8772 (Intake Hose Couplers x3). Turns out we didn't need SPT8772 (Air Sensor Mount), as it didn't have the right hole or adapter for the sensor. Probably should have used part SPT8711 (Vacuum/Sensor Adapter Kit) to help. We are going to tap one of the pipes and add a rubber grommet to the pipe then plug in the sensor. We forgot part SPT8703 (T Bolt Clamp) to help secure the pipe and forgot to get SPT8704 (Gear Drive Clamps x3) to clamp the silcon hose.

Chevy S-10 pickup truck

It was a miracle to get the silcon hose adapters on the MAF sensor. WD40 helps, but don't get it on the sensors inside. Also, do not drop, bang or damage the MAF in anyway, because it ain't cheap to replace. The silcon hose we used are actually Injen leftovers we had and aren't as flexable as the correct hoses. We need to use the Gear Drive clamps to better secure all of it together. Also, each piece comes with a coupler, so you don't need to purchase them seperate.

It came out a little long. Instead of a SPT8718 we should have used a SPT8708. Right now it's buried down at the bottom of the space available.

It works, but the check engine light did come on. We haven't secured the piping yet with the bracket. We believe that the check engine light came on due the sensor not being in place. Makes a great "Phoop" sucking noise like from a turbo car. Definitly took the hesitation out of the engine.

If you have the option of a kit made by K&N KNN5730172 or another company for your vehicle, then we would recommend it, but if there isn't one on the market for your car or if you want to create a custom kit then the Spectre system is really a great choice!

08/24/05: We've had some troubles over the last few days. Mainly due to our own short sightness. The upper left hose going into the black plastic duct kept coming out. The truck would stall. After alot of researching only Vibrant part # VIB2774R would work. It took a couple of days to get one in and slapped it on today. Big difference.

The day before we took some time and put in the air intake bracket kit SPT8701. Also, went ahead and pulled out the SPT8738 45 degree elbow, which made the whole thing fit better. We tapped one of the pipes and added a rubber grommet to fit the O2 sensor. Final pictures of our custom air intake for our Chevy S-10 pickup truck below.

09/01/05: Been checking our gas mileage on the Chevy S-10 like I'm sure everyone has been. We are averaging 15 to 17 mpg in the city/highway combined. We just got from a trip with the intake installed and averaged 21.5 mpg. Average speed around 75mph to 80mph.

11/16/05: Finally got around to replacing the stock radio, the unit had a messed up display. Stuck in a old Panasonic CD deck and MTX amp that we had laying around. Used the following parts to install it all: METPBT4N, FUSFAK4, MET992003, MET702003, MET40GM10. We've got an old box which won't fit, so the two 10" Kenwoods will have to wait till we find something that will fit. We also replaced the crappy battery with an Optima Red Top Battery OPT9022091.

11/25/05: Ok, I like the stock S10 Xtreme wheels. I hadn't planned on replacing them, but hey! We sell wheels and tires. Also, we had a two new BFGoodrich g-force KDW NT 295/35ZR18's that a customer swapped for 275/35ZR18's for his widebody Corvette.

Two tires that are the perfect diameter for the rear of the S10. Would they fit? We had to find some wheels that would work for the width. It took some time, as the bolt pattern, size and offset are not common with wheel makers. Most wheels that would work are for the older Camaro/Firebirds that are pre-1992. Rarely are they made over a 16" size. Wheels that fit the newer Camaro/Firebird's are the wrong offset at an average of +40mm. Bolt pattern for an S10 is 5x4.75 inches or 5x120.5 millimeters.

The wheels we decided to use on our Chevy S10 Xtreme are 18x8.5 American Racing Hype chrome wheels with a +10mm offset, which is about a 5 3/16 backspacing. We decided to use these, but had to test fit them with the tires mounted to make sure of clearances. The 295 tires require a 9.0 inch minimum wheel, but we did squeeze them on to the 8.5 width. Talk about a fat tire look!

Next was if they would clear everything. They do except for two screws that hold the gas tank in place. They come through the frame and had to be trimmed down to make sure they didn't contact the tire. See the pictures below. Bolts circled in yellow had to be trimmed.

Through all our research for max wheel size fitment for the S10 we came up with the following information:
1) Your maximum backspacing cannot be more than 5 5/8 inches, without modifications.
2) With the stock wheel and tire in place you only have 1.75 inches of clearance on the backside from tire to nut for screw that hold the gas tank.
3) Max forward would be 4.5 inches from mounting point and you will have to notch the plastic fender on the Xtreme's.

18x8 @ 0mm offset is a 4.5 backspacing
18x8.5 @ +5mm offset is a 4 15/16 backspacing
18x9 @ +10mm offset is a 5 3/8 backspacing
18x9 @ 0mm offset is a 5 inch backspacing
20x10 @ +6mm offset is a 5.73 backspacing

Best 18" Tires Sizes @ ~26.0 inch size:
235/55/16 Tire is 26.18" (STOCK)
265/40/18 Tire is 26.35: and can be used as alternate
255/40/18 Tire is 26.03 which is perfect
295/35/18 Tire is 26.13 which is perfect
245/40/18 Tire is 25.7" and can be used as alternate

Our final was the 18x8.5 American Racing Hype wheels, with a 245/40ZR18 on the front and a 295/35ZR18 on the rear. The 245's are some leftover Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's taken from the project GTI for the front. The rear's are the BF Goodrich g-Force KDW NT 295's. The result .... awesome!

12/01/05: Took a Hypertech programmer that was on previous truck of mine and loaded it into the S10. Part # HYP30019 (Now part HYP32000). Really helped wake this truck up more. Firmed up the shifts and recalibrated the tires to the 25.75 inches of the front. Loaded the 97 octane performance program. Can't break the 295's loose on a standing start. Just sits and goes. Half way through the tank, so I'll update the gas mileage. Probably won't be too good as I've been having some fun!

01/12/06: Took the time to get the bed Rhino lined. The original owner used it seriously and there were tons of scratchs, dents, and metal showing. From crappy to brand new in four hours!

01/14/06: We took an old Hidden Hitch # HIH82571 we had for an S10 and put it into place today. Had to remove the rollpan so to really be able to beat and bang it into place. If you scrub the outer frame rails first it can help, in that you don't have a bunch of road crud falling into your eyes. Be sure to wear safety glasses. We'll cut the hole later and install a plate flip.

We finished off the bed rails with some Wade caps: Tailgate, Front, and Side Rails. The Side Rail Caps are part number WDE141, Front Bed Cap WDE11171, Tailgate Cap WDE1171 Really has put the finishing touch to the Rhino liner. Below is a couple of pictures before and after on the tailgate cap.

01/24/06: Taking my daughter to her grandmothers for the day and was heading up FM1382 in Grand Prairie. Now I know that there is a police station up the road and the police are always traveling up and down that section of FM1382 to get to I-20. You really don't speed there no matter how attractive of straight run it is although I have before.

Had the cruise control set for 53mph, which is three above the speed limit. As I'm getting up to the bridge area a police car is coming the other way. As he passes he hits the lights and starts to turn around. Ok, it isn't me I'm not speeding. Well, as he starts coming up behind me I get that sinking feeling that I'm the target. Sure enough comes up and hits the siren. At this point I'm already getting ready to use the turn signal and get over a lane and find a place to turn in. Pulled into this one street and forward enough, so he can pull in behind me.

He comes up after checking out the rear of the truck. Asks for the license and registration. I hand it over to him and ask the stupid question, "Why did you pull me sir?" Of course, he says speeding, doing 60 in a 50. I respond that I was only doing 53 with the cruise control set, that I'm not stupid and know that the GP police patrol the road. He just asks me to wait and goes to run my license.

Now, as I'm sitting there waiting for him I know that I'm clean. No outstandings or anything. I'm also thinking that maybe I didn't get the rear tires calibrated correctly with the programmer. Didn't chalk them and went by the front OD book listed diameter instead of the rear. Then I realize, that he didn't check my registration sticker or tags. About this time he comes back and lets me off with a warning. I'm stunned. I haven't heard that in over 15 years. I drive off on my merry way in some kind of shock and disbelief thinking it must be my lucky day.

Well, latter that day I measured the tire length on the rear wheels. Sure enough it's off by .5 of an inch. I had originally calibrated by the front which was a mistake, as the speed odometer is measured at the transmission output. The best way to get the tire size right is to measure the tire like they say in the Hypertech manual. Chalk and move the vehicle till the chalk point comes full rotation. I got a measurement of 79 3/8's, which is 25.25 diameter. Would explain why the gas mileage didn't get any better. Been averaging 15 to 17mph still after the programmer and wheels. I'll run and couple of tanks and see how much it improves by.

I pulled out the Hypertech programmer HYP30019 and reloaded the program and made the changes. I tested it by driving along side a buddy with stock wheels and tires to make sure I had it correct this time.

06/14/06: Inspection time. The front Kumho's are worn out, so we replaced them with a pair of Falken Azenis RT-615's in a 255/40R18. This was also a better tire diameter than the 245's. Nice looking tires and definitely sticky!

Truck passed inspection even with the Hypertech program in place.

Oh these tires are fun. On ramps and Off ramps and 75+mph on the long clover ones. Short circles are about 45 to 50 mph. Need to space the rear wheels with the BFG's a 1/4 inch, as they are rubbing some in the hard turns..

07/07/06: I took the throttlebody out of the truck and bored it out and added a replacment blade to get rid of the air restriction. There is a large air restrictor on the back side of the butterfly. Take that sucker off. There is a huge throttle respond in the engine. That is the best cheapest modification you can do is get rid of it.

09/21/06: Talk about troubles. I had a flat tire on the passengers side front about a week ago. I had been taking my daughter to school. Didn't have spare or tools, so I just crept along at 10 mhp for a half mile. Changed it with one of the extra Xtreme wheels and went on to work. Inspected it, dipped it and we couldn't find the leak. Took the tire/wheel apart and sure enough it had shredded on the inside. Kind of figured it had from the noise and shouldn't have driven that far on it..So, I get another tire, but I haven't had time to mount it.

Anyway a week later, I'm leaving work and get maybe a mile from the shop and the truck starts pulling to the right. I slow down and get it into the first turn in, within 50 yards of me first realizing it.. By that time it's a little making noise. Damned, did it shred again? I called one of the guys and he brings me another Xtreme wheel. We get the flat one off and same as before we cannot find anything in the tire. So we take it and re-air it up. I mean 60-65 psi. Cannot get the thing to hiss at all. We dip it and nothing, so I take it home and it's been sitting in my garage for 2 days now. I'll admit there isn't weight on it, but I just went and bounced it. It has at least 25 to 30 psi in it.

Now I must say, I'm somewhat disappointed. We cannot find a leak in either and both failed within a week of each other. I had put new valve stems in the wheels, when I put on the new tires back on 06/14/06. I've never had a tire act like this without some puncture. These have been great tires up to this point, but now... I don't think I want them back on. Lets see what Falken has to say.....

10/04/06: Well, looks like we even got the cold shoulder from Falken. We were told by one of the Product Engineers to take it back to the retailler we bought it from. Hello, we are the retailer. I've already talked to the distributor and they don't want to warranty. There is no puncture or hole. Never got a reply to that. So much for Falken as a tire to use or recommend. Guess we'll use some Toyo's on it instead. We've had nothing but good from them.

10/04/06: We've found that Falken is actually owned by Sumitomo Rubber Group, which owns the tire brands of Sumitomo, Falken and Dunlop. Go figure. We dropped off the front tires with the local warehouse once we finally got some clarity from the factory and a willingness to work with us on the warranty.

10/28/06: Well, Falken only gave us 50% off one tire and no explaination on why either went flat.

11/08/06: A broken 3 door handle has been a bit of a pain recently. The OEM handle was more than the replacement we found. Quite by accident really. Great fix and easy to do. Check them out on Ebay, if you need a replacement handle. Ebay ID donita69

11/10/06: I've been doing research inbetween calls today. Bilstein recommends this as a replacement to the front factory shock. Front is BILB461307 . The rear factory shock is ZM6#22113718. You can also cheat and use the shortened shock parts from Explorer Pro Comp Shocks for the 2 inch drop on a standard height truck. The ZQ8 suspension is 2 inches lower front and rear than the standard truck. Explorer Pro Comp Toxic Shocks part numbers TXS413515 and TXS424509

The stock sway bars are 1 1/4 roughly front and 7/8 rear. 33mm front and 23mm rear in millimeters. The front end control arm bushing set is ENE33162G, Rear Leaf Sping Bushing Set is ENE32129G or ENE32142G, Body Cab Mounts are ENE34130G, ENE34131 or ENE34132. A Master kit might be the way to go ENE318106G to save time and trouble. Not all parts might work on the ZQ8 suspension. We're checking on that.

Pictures from 04/17/05:
2003 S10 Extreme

2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme

Pictures from 08/24/05:
2003 S10 Extreme

2003 S10 Extreme 2003 S10 Extreme        

Pictures from 01/14/06:


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