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SFX Off-Road Toy (ota)!
A customized Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Welcome to our Toyota FJ Cruiser project page. Articles on custom installations of aftermarket parts and accessories and sharing our installation guides, performance part reviews and more.
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Article Segments:
FJ Cruiser buying guide
Finding FJ Parts
FJ Cruiser wheel locks
Finding the right tires
Gas Mileage
Step bar installation
FJ Cruiser billet grille installations
Lift Kits
Offroad Lights and light bars
Tail Light Guards
Replacement light bulb guide

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For Part 1 see this PAGE.

I've been a little slow to add to this page in the last couple of weeks. Mainly been catching up with work and home since the trip. In the last couple of days been thinking about our next trip, which leads to the discussion of a trailer for all the stuff we drag along. First we did some research on whether or not to use a stock one or aftermarket hitch setup. Truthfully, I really like the aftermarket ones. It just seems designed to take more abuse. We used a Draw Tite hitch, but opt'd for the OE wire harness. Since the truck is prewired it was just a matter of adding a relay, 2 fuses, and a pig tail for the trailer lights. Took maybe 20 minutes. Now were searching for the trailer.

Just a general update on gas mileage. We've been averaging 14 mpg in the city, but I tend to get my foot into it from time to time.

Recently, I was at the SEMA show, and found that Bushwacker has made a fender flare replacement for the factory ones. As you know mud cakes up in the OE's like the devil. I don't know why they did that, but Bushwacker has solved the problem. These new flares are great and I really cannot wait to get a set in for my FJ Cruiser. The part has released and we should be seeing them in the next week. Take a look at part # BUS3192202

We are starting to take pre-orders now. Dibbs on the first set.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

A fun thing to do with a built in power inverter.

 FJ ChristmasLights FJChristmasLights

While getting ready for the Toyota Jamboree I decided, that it would be a good thing to install an extra 12v plug in the rear. This way we can run our refrigerator without a cord all the way to the front. I went to Radio Shack and bought part # 270-1556. Removed the subwoofer and plate for the 110v. On the plate I cut a 1 1/8 hole to one side, so if I want another then I can add one later. Then I popped it in place. Ran the wires up through and put the plate back. Used the power tap that comes with the kit and connected it to the white wire with the blue strips. From the forums I found this to be the constant power wire. Drilled a hole for the ground screw and tested it. Worked fine, then just buttoned it all back up. Now we have a 12v in the rear for the fridge or whatever accessory we need. You can also run one in the bucket area of the console, which I plan to do when I install the CB.

12VInstall12vinstallFJwiringFJspeakerwiring FJFinishedInstall

I installed a Cobra 75WXST CB Radio the night before leaving for the Jamboree. It's a recommended item with four wheeling, so you can stay in contact with others in your group. Information is relayed from everyone and if you get into trouble you can radio for help. We chose this Cobra, as it's all in the mic and not a large unit to install, plus it can be removed when not in use. I used it with only a magnetic antenna for now, but plan on installing a perment one later with a quick disconnect for when not in use. You do have to take apart the center console. I drilled a 1/2 hole in the dash and clamped on a terminator for the ground point. The 3.5 to 3.5 cable was use to connect it to the Aux port, so I could use the speakers. The antenna wire was just tucked out of the way till I permantly install one.


I forgot that we never mentioned the billet antenne that was put on. Mainly so not to catch the factory one on things. It's an Alsales shorty part # ALS6206P.

Recently before I took the FJ to Barnwell I had found reference to differential problems on the forum boards. Apparently the gears are so tight from the factory, that when they break in there is a lot of metal shavings in the fluid. Normally in the maintenance guide it's a 50K item to change the fluid, but I do recommend getting both changed around the 15K mark. I had the front done at 12K and the front today at 16K. Both were black at the time of change with several shavings on the magnetic plug.

Finished up the CB install finally. In that, I ran the Fire ring cable from the top roof rack mount position to the installed location of the CB. Installed the homemade CB bracket. Works great now without the messy clutter of the magnetic mount antenna. Also, I installed the Tuffy Light bar to get more clearance. I was 7.4 ft tall and the bar lowered it to less than 7 ft, so now I can get into parking garages. It's tight though, just need to slide it down about an inch more. Had to rewire the KC's to take advantage of the wiring tray on the back of the bar. (See above images)

I am SOOO... impressed with these LED Dome light replacements from Putco. Part # PUT980018 this thing is sick. Bright as the sun on the inside. I had some PIAA LED's (The before picture shot with low light setting) before they quit making them and the Putco (After shot low light and then changed to normal setting) puts them to shame. Do these come with Sunscreen? They should.

    Before After After    

We just got back from the Razorback Ramble at the Superlift ORV park in Arkansas. That was a blast. We ran several of the level 3 trails and a portion of a couple of 4's. I had one problem on one course with the spot. He was on the driver's side, but didn't check my right and I clipped a rock. The step bar was bent back and up, so it's toast till I get the brackets straighten. Also, while on the same trail missed the route that the first two vehicles took through an area and ended up bending a lower control arm on a level 4 obstacle. Those LCA's are notoriously weak on the FJ. I got help once back to the main area to straighten it for the drive home, but it's going to great replaced by stronger version made by Sonoran Steel and skid from TLC.

I had also pinche the skid plate. Wasn't worried about replacing the factory skid plate at the moment, till the wife comes and tells me today to take the phone and talk with Bud from Bud Built. When the wife tells you to go ahead and buy some his skid plates, then it's a done deal. Plus, I ordered a set of his new sliders. Whoo Hoo!

The stock horn sucks. It's just not a get out of my way horn, so introduce one Wolo Orient Express DD horn. Now it says move it! I put in in the area vacated by the stock air box. The Fujita intake sits over it. Used one of the air conditioner brackets and drilled one hole in the fender. No on board air is required it comes with a small direct drive compressor. Later on I can upgrade the system to an onboard air system using Wolo part WOL804EV. Benefits of on board air are you can air up tires, inflatable bed or run air tools while out on the trail with something like the WOL840.

Ok, like I mentioned before we bent the passengers side Lower Control Arm (LCA) at the Superlift park. I ordered replacements from Sonoran Steel along with the skids for the front of the LCA's from TLC. I got them in on Thursday last week, but only crawled under that evening to replace the bent one. before it gave way. There is a trick to all this that I learned from changing the first one. Chock the wheels. Jack up the rear, so that the tire on the side you are working on doesn't sit on the ground. It allows the axle to move easily, so you can line up the new LCA without killing yourself. Do NOT take both of them off at the same time. I knew better before hand, but wanted to mention it. There is a left and right to these. It's noted on the bracket for the brake line. I used a tow strap to help me pull the axle forward into position while my son feed the bolt through. After that it was just tighten up. You can lube the bolts, but I don't think you have to. Also, leave the bolt loose while getting the 2nd one though, then tighten it all up. The factory LCA is four pounds lighter than the Sonoran one, that makes for a better bar.


We got the sliders and skid plates in about 3 weeks ago and have just been to busy to install them. Well, no longer that is. The sliders went on last weekend. We just unbolted the GoRhino stepbars and the Bud Built sliders went right up. Just be sure to leave all the bolts loose till you get them all in. Tonight it was the skid plates. I got the front, middle and transmission ones in along with the crossmember, but ran out of time and light to get the gas tank one bolted up. That will go on tomorrow night and I'll upload all the pictures. These are fabulous looking plates. Be sure to have an extra person to help you out.

Also, we added new American Racing Chamber wheels in a 17x9 along with the new BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain™ T/A® KM2's in a LT305/65R17 size.

  FJ Cruiser 

I've been remiss in adding anything lately. The new wheels and tires were the last thing I've done and just haven't had the time to do anything else. I did dress it up for Christmas with lights. Definitely looking forward to the Texas Jamboree coming up later this month.

I never was a fan of the Stant cap option for a locking fuel door. Now I don't have to worry as Allsales has come out with a replacement fuel door that locks. See part number ALS6071KL. I've got mine so now I just need some time to install it.

Installed a Street and Performance throttlebody spacer SPE97405. Now considering I drive like grandpa most of the time I did see a gain of about 1 mpg in my fuel use. Also, it does seem to help in the overall power when you do get on it. Between the spacer and the intake it sounds like an old Dodge Thermoquad opening up full bore.

Installed locking fuel door ALS6071KL. Just took about 30 minutes and small fingers. Works great. Just don't forget and leave your cap at the gas station. I've also cut myself a couple of times on the license plate on the back door. Added a simple frame for it part # ALS84002P

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  FJ ChristmasLights   FJChristmasLights

Thinking of adding a Klein air tank and pump so to have air tools on the trail. Can also split it and run a line to the train horn making it louder.

Had a headlight bulb go out. The moisture cover is missing and so it shorted something out and the bulb is only half working. Replacing them with Putco part PUT230004NB.

I can say, that I don't have any problem with Vandergriff Toyota. I think they are a good dealership and there are good people there that are serious off roaders and know their stuff. I've bought a vehicle there before without issue. I've had friends and family that have had a good experience as well.

Now, if I give an opinion on someone that works there and they threaten to sue me over my first amendment right of free speech. Well.... suck it! This is America and I have a right to express my opinion. I did take their last name off after a threatening email about being sued. In this day and age any nut case with a grudge can sue you. However I can say this, if I wrote a letter like that to one of my customers then they would think I was a first class jerk!

Ah, the front brakes were starting to squeal a little so replaced them with EBCDP61657. It's a fairly easy process if you haven't done it yourself before. Just take off the front wheels. Remove two bolts on the back side of the caliper. This removes the caliper from the drum. Take out the pins and remove the clip releasing the brake pads. Press the pistons back flush and reinstall the new shoes. Put everything back the same and reinstall the wheel. I went ahead and rotated the tires while I was at it. She stops quick now. Had to do a quick stop the other day and also banged my head into the steering wheel.

For all of you that might not know about the Transmission issue yet. Please read up on it at the FJ Cruiser Forums. Very important. It is not a lifetime fluid do a change every 50K miles.

Article - Shuddering transmission problems

Ugh, I'm stick of Mud Terrain tires. After 88K miles of them and the steering wheel acting like a shake weight it was time for a change. The 305's were worn out. I switched and went with Nitto Terra Grappler LT285/75R17. Oh MY! what a difference. Quiet, rides smooth and no freaking shaky steering. Factory tire diameter is 31.6 and these are 33.8, so there is a difference in the speedo = 1.07 ratio difference. Example: if 40 mph then 42.8 mph, if 60 then 64.2 mph.

Now, I also have my body mounts on the front chopped and I've got a 3 inch lift with Bushwacker flares so it gives me the clearance to run them without rub issues.

We've been experiencing the dreaded transmission shudder for a couple of years now. We've changed the fluid and added shudder ease. It came back after a few months. Just did a sevice again. Less but still there. I guess will go till the damned thing dies.

For Part 1 see this PAGE.


Baseline FJ Cruiser information
Original Retail Price (MSRP):$30,189.00 with Convenience and Upgrade 2 Packages, along with Side Air Bags
Compression ratio:10:1
Bore & stroke3.7 X 3.7 (94mm x 95mm)
Engine: 4.0-liter DOHC 24-valve SFI VVT-i V6 241cu.in.
Transmisson: 5-speed electronically controlled automatic overdrive (ECT)
HP (BHP/RPM)  239 BHP @ 5200 RPM
Torque ( Lbs-Ft/RPM) 278 Ft-lbs @ 3700 RPM
HP to Weight Ratio 17.9
Front suspension: High-mounted, double-wishbone front suspension and stabilizer bar
Rear suspension: 4-link rear suspension with lateral rod with coil springs and stabilizer bar
Brakes: Power-assisted 4-piston front/2-piston rear ventilated disc brakes with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist
Wheelbase:  105.9 in
Length: 183.9 in
Width:  74.6 in
Height:  72.0 in
Curb weight:  4295 lbs
GVWR 5570 lbs
Max. wading depth 27.5 in
Front hiproom  55.4 in
Front shoulder room  58.4 in
Rear hiproom 51.0 in
Rear shoulder room 53.9 in
OE Wheels/Tires:  Tire P265/70R17 (285/70/17 optional with modification)
Payload/Towing Capacity 5000 lbs
Replacement Bulbs  
Fuel Capacity, gals 19.0
Estimated fuel economy mpg city 17 / hwy 21 (16/20 by new EPA calculations)
Current Fuel MPG with Mods   
0-60 (sec.)  7.20 sec
1/4 mile (sec-mph):  15.70 sec @ 79.02
Braking (mph/ft) 60-0 mph: 128 ft
Top Spd (mph) 113.00 mph
Technical Features of the FJ Cruiser Skid Plates - On engine/front suspension, fuel tank and transfer case (transfer case on 4WD models only), Angle of approach/departure (degrees) 4WD: 34/30
FJ Option Packages 

Convenience Package -- Remote keyless entry system, cruise control, power outside mirrors with illuminated markers, rear privacy glass, rear wiper, rear Intuitive Parking Assist, Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

Upgrade Package 2 -- 17-in. 6-spoke aluminum alloy wheels with P265/70R17 tires and full size spare (exterior rear door mount), Active Traction Control (4WD models), locking rear differential, 115V/400-watt power outlet, AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3/WMA playback capability and nine speakers (includes subwoofer with off switch), exterior color-keyed door trim inserts, multi-information display floating ball type (inclinometer, compass, temperature), leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio controls, aluminum brush transmission lever and transfer lever (transfer lever on 4WD models).

Driver and front passenger front seat-mounted side airbags and front- and second-row side curtain airbags.

FJ Cruiser Replacement bulb sizes

2007 TOYOTA FJ Cruiser bulb replacementsReplacement bulbs:
High & low beam headlamp hallogen Toyota FJ Cruiser headlight bulb H4
Parking light 7528
Front turn signal   7528
Rear turn signal  992 (7440A)
Tail light   7443 bulb
Stop light   7443 bulb FJ Cruiser Brake Light
License plate   2825
Back up light   921
Front sidemarker   7528
Rear sidemarker   7443 bulb
Dome light   DE3175 FJ Cruiser dome light bulb
Trunk/Cargo area  DE3175 dome light bulb

2007 TOYOTA FJ Cruiser 16 inch drivers side, 14 inch middle and passengers &
9 inches for the rear:
PIAA Options Special SFX Package PIA95035-95040


(More to be added once available):

  • FJ Summit 2007 - Ouray, CO - July 12-15th
  • Poison Spider Mesa - Moab Utah July 16th
  • Dub Auto Show - Houston, TX
  • Bristow Car, Truck and Bike Show - Bristow, OK
  • 3rd Annual Lonestar Toyota Jamboree - BMRA - Jan 17-20th
  • 48th Annual O`Reilly Auto Parts AutoRama - Dallas, TX - Feb 15-17th
  • 3rd Annual East Texas Spring Showdown - Marshall, TX - March 8th
  • Kennedale Car Show - Kennedale, TX - May 17th
  • Razorback Ramble - Hot Springs AR at Superlift ORV - June 6th to 8th
  • Texas Heat Wave - Austin, TX - July 20th to 22nd
  • 4th Annual Show n Shine - Longview, TX - August 9th
  • Triple `C` Car Show - Waco, TX - September 6th
  • Chrome & Flame Car Show - Denton, TX - September 20th
  • Hot Import Nights - Dallas, TX - Oct. 11th
  • 4th Annual Lonestar Toyota Jamboree - BMRA - Jan 15-18th
  • 6th Annual Lonestar Toyota Jamboree - BMRA - Jan 13-16th


Modifications to an FJ are something every owner does,
so I always recommend using the FJ Cruiser Forums for information.
It's been a great resource for us. The other owners are helpful,
and if they're local don't mind turning a wrench with you.
Check it out. I'm X-Wing on the board.


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