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  2003 Nissan Altima 3.5L - air intake - - headers - suspension - pulley - billet grill - lights - exhaust
Base Line Dyno
base dyno
Injen cold air intake instlalation
cold air intake
Trenz billet aluminum 12 bar grille with badge insert.
billet grille
GReddy dual exhaust for the nissan altima 2002-2003
carbon fiber dash kit Trenz billet aluminum 12 bar grille with badge insert.
dash kit

    Looking for aftermarket parts for your Nissan Altima click here
 Engine: VQ35DE
 ( baseline information from Nissan)
Engine Type 3.5L DOHC 24-valve V6 w/ variable valve timing, 215 cubic inches
Horsepower   245 hp @ 5,800 rpm
Torque   246 lb-ft @ 4,400
Transmission   4-speed electronically controlled automatic with gate-style shifter
Curb Weight   3,225 lbs
MPG   EPA city 21, highway 26
we are now getting average of 29.4 mpg city/highway combined!
Acceleration   0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds
Chassis   L31
our base whp   193 (horsepower at the wheels)
Weighing in stock at just 37 pounds heavier than
Nissan 350Z the Nissan Altima packs serious horsepower potential. Both the Nissan Altima and the 350Z share the Nissan VQ35DE V6 engine. But only the Nissan Altima give you the room to bring home the groceries.

Currently Installed:
Injen cold air intake
Greddy dual exhaust
Exhaust headers
Carbon Fiber dash kit
Unorthodox Racing crank pulley
Custom front bumper
Side Skirts
Headlight eyelids
Custom Grille
Tail light covers
and a few other surprises are on the way ...
Nissan Altima Base Dyno Test Results: [view chart]
All broken in and ready to go, it's off to the dyno for a base line to see exactly what horsepower gains we achieve with our performance enhancements.

We'll have to admit we were a little disappointed with our baseline dyno, but in it's defense the car had been driven over an hour just 30 minutes before the test was run. It's best to do a run on a colder engine for higher results but we were testing it at driving temperature and it was a cool day of about 72° .

The highest horsepower we achieved was 193.3 and the torque was 205.4 with the car completely stock. Please note that there is always of loss of power past the transmission. Manufacturer baseline dynos are based on horsepower and torque at the flywheel. We are running our dynos at the wheel. The average loss of horsepower for front wheel drives is in the neighborhood of 10-15%.
 Nissan Altima Performance Enhancements:
Cold Air Intake
We began our engine performance modifications with the addition of an Injen cold air intake. More air means more horsepower. We were really surprised with the immediate difference in accelerator responsiveness and general "get-up-and-gone" factor! Let's just say the grin on our face said it all. The car which had a lot of get-up-and-go to begin with was now get-up-and-gone! All hesitations were eliminated.

We achieved an extraordinary gain with this impressive 3" Injen Cold Air Intake for the 3.5L Nissan Altima in mirror polished aluminum. Injen intakes feature mandrel bent piping and quality silicone hoses taking on both great form and function.

Horsepower gains with a cold air intake
[view results dyno chart].

The intake took us about 45 minutes to install going step by step with the instructions. If you go with the cold air intake you'll probably have to remove your drivers side inner fender well to get the filter in place although the instructions stated removal of front bumper would be needed. The ram air intakes wont be quite as involved to install. Injen intake for the Nissan Altima cold air intake comes with 3" aluminum tubing which is larger than the competition and our dyno produced a couple more horsepower as well.

We did have a mpg gain with the installation of the Injen cold air intake of approximately 4.6 mpg highway at 65 mph and 32 miles per gallon city. Of course we were having to keep our foot off of it, but it is a significant gain over the base gasoline consumption provided by Nissan. All hesitation to the throttle has been completely eliminated which makes this already competitive street machine really get up and go.
Fujita also has a cold air intake for the Nissan Altima

Supercharger? Maybe. There's already one available for the 350Z and we just installed a VF Engineering supercharger on our Volkswagen Golf GTI. Creating a supercharger for the Altima will require the use of an extended supercharger drive shaft and quite a bit of relocating of overflow tanks and hoses, but is not impossible.
Underdrive Pulley
We have installed a light weight crank pulley by Unorthodox Racing of course and we'll be running a dyno for our results soon. Nissan Altima pulleys.

There have been some articles stating increased engine vibration with the pulleys for the Nissan Altima, but we have not experienced this with the use of an Unorthodox Racing crank pulley. Nor have we experienced less powerful air conditioning and we are here in Texas.
Nissan Altima Exhaust:
We've chosen the Greddy cat-back Evolution exhaust system for our Nissan Altima. Our altima is now sporting the Greddy dual exhaust Large 155mm tips and stainless steel mufflers.

The exhaust has a deep mellow tone and impressive tips. Besides just looking good there was a definate improvement in performance. The stock exhaust on the V6 has a large crimp just behind the resonator which to our disbelief was smashed in half for about a foot of pipe and a very large resonator. You can definitely hear the car, but it's more like a camaro. Very deep tone to this system. Import muscle car? We think so! Sounds Great.

The exhaust was a complete direct replacement the only extra step that we took was to ground the exhaust to the chassis. One of the easiest systems I've seen. The car sounds angry. It is a bit louder that stock and very deep sounding and no harsh resonance. If it's bothersome you can always put sound dampening under your carpet and there's also a spray application you can use under the car. But it's nice being able to set off Mercedes car alarms in parking garages at will. We know with the addition of headers the sound will change slightly, but we're going with stainless steel for the low tones the exhaust makes.

Greddy Evo exhaust system for our Nissan Altima Seriously deep sounding exhaust and extreme 118mm tips for the Nissan Altima.

The difference in horsepower was very noticeable! The estimated gains from the headers are 21 horsepower. But we have also installed the Greddy EVO exhaust and cold air intake by Injen as well so it's time to hit the dyno for a few runs. Dyno's to be posted soon.

Not only do the headers perform but they are beautiful as well. Super clean welds and highly polished mandrel bent piping stand heads above other brands including Nismo!

18" chrome Zenetti Mystiks and Kumho ecsta Supra 712.
zenetti, zennetti, mystiks, mistics, mystics, chrome wheels, nissan,kumho tires, street performance tires, AA traction, sticky tires, tread
These are our dress wheels when the car is not at the track. We have that deep dish wheel look in a front wheel drive offset and Kumho Tires supplies the sticking power. We have installed Nissan logo center caps on our chrome wheels for a finished look.
The Nissan Altima can go up to a 19x8 inch wheel without any rubbing in the rear but for this urban car we're going to stick with the 18's and 8 inch width. We haven't lowered our car just yet but lowering springs are available and coil-overs for the Nissan Altima and front / rear anti sway bars are available now.
Nissan Altima Wheels:
18" chrome Zenetti Mystiks and Kumho ecsta Supra 712 Tires.

The original wheels were a 17 inch with 215/55VR17 with a diameter of 26.3 inches. We want to use a maximum footprint without the higher cost.

A 245/45/18 Tire has a diameter of 26.7 in (T1-S $227.44) 7.5-(8.0)-9.0 Wheel Width Range

A 225/40/18 Tire has a diameter of 25.1 in (T1-S $180.09) 7.5-(8.0)-9.0 Wheel Width Range

A 245/40/18 Tire has a diameter of 25.7 in (T1-S $205.99) 8.0-(8.5)-9.5 Wheel Width Range

Nissan Altima lowering springs:
sport springs or lowering suspension items.

Nissan Altima Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors and Performance Brake Pads

SPP32306F, SPP32312F, SPPMD905, SPPMD815

If you are considering up or down sizing your wheels and do not stay with the stock diameter your speedometer will not read true. For more information on custom programming and performance modules for your Nissan. [Click here]

Nissan Altima Tires:

Kumho tires get a great rating from us as well. Although not as sticky as the parada's the Kumho gives great gripping power with the ability to do a burn out on the drag strip.

Originally we went with the Yokohama Tires Parada Spec-2 215/40/18 which are a lower profile tire for better cornering and responsiveness. The Yokohama's are a silica compound which provides higher tread-wear, acceleration and dry/wet grip braking ability. And stick your car to the pavement like glue.

  Tread Wear  
  wt     diameter     tread     max load  
24 lbs
24 "

We were very impressed with the loss of "squibbing" (squibbing is what we call the squishy and jerky feeling while accelerating in a turn). Both of these factors greatly help the maneuverability and control especially in turns or changing lanes quickly. The tires get an awesome rating from us for absolute stickiness! All grip with no slip!

Altima Suspension:
Nissan was so kind as to install a sport tuned suspension package with our stock vehicle taking attributes from their motorsports line. We haven't lowered our car just yet but lowering springs are available and coil-overs are on the way! [Nissan Altima sport springs or lowering suspension items]. Intrax Suspension Nissan Altima lowering springs are also avalable.

The Nissan Altima already has road noise maybe that's something they've fixed with the 05 model we haven't had the chance to test drive one. We are looking into a complete suspension urethane bushing replacement kit which should help with the road noise and improve performance. There is a tech note out about the alignment of the front end suspension. If your Altima feels at all lose or odd I would have the dealership do a complete inspection. The car felt like it was tugging back at the wheel originally although a complete alignment had been recently done. Our car had to have the suspension inspected for wear and wheel alignment adjusted, a bushing replaced and the bolts which attach the suspension to the frame were reset and tightened. One side effect of the suspension adjustment was that the torque steer felt diminished considerably. If you need to adjust your alignment or camber check out the Eibach Camber/Alignment kit for the Nissan Altima.

Nissan Altima Brake Rotors and Pads:
With all of the performance enhancements we are installing on this vehicle we'reneeded some serious stopping power. We chose to go with the SP Performance Brakes. Altima rear brake rotors / Altima front brake rotors. We did notice when changing out the wheels that there was a lot of brake ware for 3 months driving. So be sure and check your brake pads often if you do any hard urban driving. Brake Pads available.  

 Nissan Altima Interior:
On our 2003 Altima we have installed a gunmetal / gray armor dash kit to match the titanium interior . We've already chosen ochre/orange as an interior highlight color for that clean tech look and have installed Ichibahn pedals the gas pedal brackets did have to be slightly modified. One of the nice things about the automatic equipped Altima's is that it can use a manual shift knob since there is no overdrive button necessary on the shift knob.
Silver/Titanium/Gunmetal all have a great contrast with the mystic emerald paint and will definitely come in to play as we progress with this project. We do have one of the gunmetal carbon fiber kits left in stock. Call for information.
There are several Nissan Altima dash kits available for the new Nissan altima. Don't be fooled by the cheap dash kits on the market. These are from Superior Dash and are the highest quality kits made today. Choices range from OEM matches to carbon fiber and patterns for a truly custom interior.
Nissan Altima grille by Trenz

Nissan Altima Billet Grille:
We have chosen the twelve bar billet aluminum by Trenz that allows us to reattach the front badge to show our Nissan pride. Installation took about 10-15 minutes. The stock Nissan badge attaches on with two screws in the back so installation and removal were a snap as a one person job.[Check it out].
Many other grilles are also available!

2005-06 Nissan Altima billet grille now available

Nissan Wiper Blades:
The 2003-2005 Nissan Altima uses two different sized wipers. Passenger side 17" and massive driver's side 26". Replacements available by PIAA 93043 and PIAA PIA93165 as well as OEM wipers by Denso 1117 and 1126.

Nissan Altima (w/o hid) light bulb guide: Nissan Altima (with hid) light bulb guide:
Low beam headlamp H1-55W
High beam headlamp 9005
Parking light 1157
Front turn signal 1157
Rear turn signal 3156
Tail light 3157
Stop light 3157
High mount stop light 921
Fog/Driving light 9006
License plate 168
Back up light 921
Rear side marker 168
Glove box 658
Step/Courtesy light 158
Trunk/Cargo area 158
Low beam headlamp HID-D2R
High beam headlamp 9005
Parking light 1157
Front turn signal 1157
Rear turn signal 3156
Tail light 3157
Stop light 3157
High mount stop light 921
Fog/Driving light 9006
License plate 168
Back up light 921
Rear side-marker 168
Glove box 658
Step/Courtesy light 158
Trunk/Cargo area 158
Replacement Bulbs

LED Replacement Bulbs

Here's the first version of our car... this was a completely custom fiberglass front end.
Unfortunately 3 months after this picture we were on our way to a car show in south Texas
and a wild pig called a javalina ran out on the freeway right in our path and was struck.
Needless to say the front end was toast and from the reaction at the local truck stop ..
I'm sure he was turned into a really good ham. See new pictures below.
The car at this point was also not lowered.

And here is the new front end as seen at the DUB show in Houston Texas 2005.
This Nissan Alitma won 1st place in the Nissan class. The car is now equipped with a
SpeedZ body kit 02-04 Nissan Altima Body Kit / ground effects or the new body
and for the 05-06 models here is a kit just for you: 05-06 Nissan Altima body kit


Here's a rear picture of our 2003 Nissan Alitma. This photo was taken at the Mean Streets
Drift Battles in Austin Texas. Fun Show and alot of great drifting and you can see more photos from the show in our photo gallery. Sure made us wish we had our Z race ready.

This car has been passed around the family over the last several years. At one time our 74 year mother was driving it. She got pulled over a couple of times but startled the officer so much that he let her go.

Now it's back in our household and it's still an awesome care to drive. Quick and fuel efficient. I think eventually our daughter might end up driving it.

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