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Gorilla Wheel Locks and Lug Nuts

Gorilla wheel locks, lug nuts and replacement Keys.

Gorilla Automotive`s wheel lock systems and locking lugnuts have been protecting the world`s finest wheels for over 25 years. Every Gorilla lug nut and lock is manufactured from the highest quality materials. Seat surface, plating, thread machining, and identification are quality controlled through every step of manufacturing to deliver lug nuts that out-perform other brands. Acorn bulge lug nuts provide over 60% more seating surface than a standard acorn lug nut.

Gorilla wheel locks are the original design that set the standard for wheel security. Gorilla Systems now offers the most advanced and unique wheel locks on the market today. An external security pattern makes the Gorilla lock almost impossible to remove without the matching key, and each key is registered to a particular owner. Made from case-hardened steel and chrome plated for lasting beauty, these locks are designed for unsurpassed security and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Keys for locks are specific to each set of locks. Without the serial number you cannot replace the locks. We do not carry a replacement key for the locks. Those are a Gorilla only item and you will need to know the serial registration number on the card. We only carry the spline drive and tuner keys.

If you are looking for replacement lug nut keys these are the most used ones out there:
We do have all of these in stock.

Gorilla 1921SD-KEY
Gorilla 1719SD-KEY
Gorilla 1978SD-KEY

Lug Nut Application Guide

Lug Nut Intallation Guide

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