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Acura Rsx Type S Performance Programmer 2002-2004

Acura Rsx Type S Performance Programmer 2002-2004  

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Unichip: 1420041
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Acura Rsx Type S Performance Programmer 2002-2004
A Unichip piggybacks your cars stock computer and is able to add or subtract fule and ignition timeing on top of what your ECU is currently programmed for. It will remap systems under various load and rpm conditions, giving the tuner the ability to optimize your vehicle for economy under light load and full performance under full throttle. The Unichip will not trigger a check engine light.

Typical gains for normally aspirated cars is a 10%-15% gain. For vehicles with a turbo or supercharger gains of up to 30% have been seen. Unichips will either come with an unterminated wiring hargess and electrical diagram of your stock ECU and wires may need to be spliced into your existing harness. Some unichips are available as plug and play and all that is required for installation is plugging the unichip into your existing harness for a very quick and easy installation.

Unichip 1420041

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