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Ford Max Energy Power Programmer

Ford Max Energy Power Programmer  

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SKU# HYP42500
Hypertech: 42500
Color/Finish: black
Material: plastic
Quantity: 1
Max Energy
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Ford Max Energy Power Programmer

Hypertech`s Max Energy power programmers extract every bit of energy possible from every molecule of fuel, increasing miles-per-gallon at part throttle and horsepower at wide-open throttle. Max Energy programmers are even Internet updateable with the include USB cable.

Additional features (depending on the vehicle application) include:

* Raise the top-speed limiter to match the speed rating of high performance tires
* Raise the engine`s rpm limiter for increased performance
* Adjust individual automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness
* Recalibrate speedometer and odometer for non-stock tire sizes and/or gear ratio changes
* Lower the cooling fan on/off temperatures to match the thermostat rating
* Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and turn off "check engine" lights
* Ability to adjust settings or go back to stock calibration at any time

Performance Gains (Truck)

Stage 3: +59HP +109TQ
Stage 2: +43HP +77TQ
Stage 1: +24HP +41TQ

Performance Gains

Premium Octane: +48HP +61TQ
Regular Octane: +33HP +45TQ

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Adjustable Features
  • Shift Firmness
  • Shift Point -500 to +500 RPM
  • Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Gears 2.73 - 4.56
  • Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Tire Sizes 23-30 inches 1/4 inch increments
  • Top Speed Limiter 255 MPH
  • Rev Limit -500 to +500 RPM
  • Cooling Fans Stock, 180 degrees F, 195 degrees F
  • Return Back To Stock
  • DTCs Read and Clear
  • Internet Updateable


Hypertech 42500
Color/Finish: black
Quantity: 1

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